Luxury In The Woods

Imagine a world of opulence, lush greenery and safaris. That is what a resort experience in Ranthambore is normally like.

Set against a rustic, colonial background, surrounded by lush fields and trees, the Kipling Lodge is a plush resort within shouting distance of Ranthambore National Park. Whether you like safaris, a countryside retreat or prefer getaways soaked in luxury, this lodge is just right for you. 

A treasure trove

Throughout the year, wildlife enthusiasts flock here to get a chance to see majestic tigers. Ranthambore National Park, spread over 1,334 sq. km, famously houses Royal Bengal Tigers and a variety of birds.

So, why not grab this opportunity to witness these marvellous creatures, in their natural habitat?  If wildlife photography interests you, take a safari through the majestic Ranthambore National Park. It will transport you to your personal paradise, as you gaze and wonder at the beauty that is nature.

Kipling resort in Ranthambore

Structured to impress

However, if architecture is more your pursuit, there are attractions which make Ranthambore a heritage city. Situated about 5 km inside the national park, Ranthambore Fort is the legacy of the Chauhan dynasty. It is a UNESCO recognised World Heritage Site and one of the Hill Forts of Rajasthan. What started out as a royal hunting reserve and later became part of the Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary, is now left with beautifully decaying remains.

Another unique place to visit nearby is the Ranthambore School of Art. The school showcases a variety of tiger paintings as an attempt to raise awareness about this endangered species.

The place to be

All of these places are easily accessible from one of the best resorts in Ranthambore, the Kipling Lodge.

King Suites, Garden Rooms or Superior Terrace Rooms: take your pick!

The King Suites are ideal for a couple. Wonderfully spacious, these cosy suites come with a personal living area and an open, courtyard shower. Garden Rooms are ideal for a family of 4. Every room conjures up images of a safari; the elephant motif can be seen in paintings and bedside table lamps. These have a private garden and an exterior seating area in the front. A morning cup of piping hot tea in the lawn sounds good, doesn’t it? There are only two of the exclusive, ornate Superior Terrace Rooms in the lodge. Apart from the regular amenities, you get a private terrace all to yourself. So, all you need is a cup of coffee while you take in the view and enjoy the serenity.

Revisit history in these rooms with colonial-inspired décor, pristine lawns and sophisticated wooden furniture which takes you back to a bygone era.

rooms of Kipling Resort


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luxury in leisure

When you step out of your room, you have multiple options to pamper yourself. Give yourself a much-needed massage or spa in the spa rooms, where you can also take steam. Lounge around with a good book in the library bar with vintage wines, domestic as well as international. You could also go for a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. You can choose to lose yourself in some soft music and organise a bonfire night, at the fireplace as well. Gather a couple of friends or family members, share stories or sing your hearts out because there’s no one to judge!

An experience worth relishing

When it comes to fine dining, we not only understand the term but follow the rules of gastronomy, religiously. Rest assured, your diet needs are taken care of by some of the most talented chefs in the country.

All meals are made fresh from locally sourced ingredients and served with love in an open-air restaurant. Whether you fancy something local or are craving something international, we’ve got you covered. Apart from that, the kitchen will take care of your special dietary requirements.

There is also an indoor restaurant, if you prefer sitting inside, where glorious chandeliers and ancient lamps await you. Oh and did we mention, you get a personal bakery? So, say goodbye to anytime cravings.

ooutdoor dining area of Kipling Lodge in Ranthambore

Get on the move

With all these and more, there is no reason to wait around! Transport yourself to a place of quietude, solitude and ancient charm. Marvel at tigers, lose yourself in nature and find yourself too. Take the trip now and reconnect with nature, all the while soaking in Ranthambore National Park’s magnificence.

This Ranthambore forest resort is located in Charoda village, Ranthambore Sawai Madhopur and is in proximity to Nahargarh Ranthambore. Take a flight and land at the Jaipur Airport or stop at the Sawai-Madhopur train station. The lodge is only 13 km from the train station.

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