Thailand: 8 reasons to love the country even more

If you ever talk about travelling to Thailand, you’d get to hear infinite stories of its beaches and wild nightlife. However, what you might not hear about is the Thai lifestyle, the local culture, temples and much more. If you are looking for exciting activities to do or places to visit in Thailand, do not limit it to just beaches and party spots.

As a destination, Thailand has so much more to offer beyond that. Here are 8 undeniably awesome reasons that will inspire you to visit and experience ‘The Land of Smiles’ — Thai hospitality up and close.

1. Thai Spa & massages:

The idea of oriental Thai spa is one of the most credible cultural export from Thailand. The spa and massage services have grabbed the attention of tourists from all over the world and are one of the prime objectives for travellers to visit this exotic country. Out of the many things to do in Thailand, getting one of these relaxing massages is definitely a must-do.

spa setup at a place in thailand

2. Thai food:

Authentic Thai food is renowned for its unique concoction of spices, herbs and a variety of aromatic components. Thai cuisine consists of lightly prepared dishes that are all about attention to detail, texture, colour, taste, and use of ingredients with medicinal importance. The variety in Thai menu is to die for, and don’t forget to dig into Pad Thai (the popular noodle dish)!

thai food in thailand

3. Floating market:

Thailand’s capital has tons of sights and experiences to offer. When you’re making your list of things to do or places to visit in Bangkok, don’t forget to add the city’s famed floating markets to it. It will give you the chance to have a closer look at the Thai lifestyle, the way locals live, sell vegetables, groceries and even local cuisines. Set up on the small waterways, Thailand is spotted with these markets every morning and evening. From fruits, vegetables, fresh produce to flowers, you can find everything at the floating market.

floating market, one of the places to visit in thailand

4. Beaches:

If you travelled all your way to Thailand but didn’t visit the tranquil, striking beaches of Pattaya, then your trip to Thailand remains incomplete! Considered as the Paradise of Thailand, Pattaya is known worldwide for its long stretches of white beaches with blue-tinged water and is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. 

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beaches of pattaya thailand, a must visit place

5. Weekend market:

The Thai ground comes alive during weekends when one of the world’s largest market, the Chatuchak Weekend Market is set up. It becomes the shopper’s haven and features everything an individual might need. The best time to visit the market is 9 AM as that is when you get the best of everything at reasonable prices.

 Chatuchak Weekend Market in thailand

6. Ancient artificial island:

Koh Kret is an artificial island that dates 300 years back. This island lightens up during weekends with shopping stops, clubs, weekend market and a crowd of shopping fanatics.

Koh Kret artificial island in thailand

7. Temples:

Wat Arun, a temple in Bangkok is one of the most stunning sights in Thailand. Sunrise and sunsets are the best time to devour yourself into spirituality here.

Another major temple is the Tiger Temple that stuns the world with free tigers roaming all around. What makes this place so special is the sight of animals and humans living together in harmony.

Wat Arun, a temple in Bangkok to travel when in thailand

8. Chinatown:

Filled with a lot of fun and frolic, Chinatown is one of the must-visit locations while travelling to Thailand. This is where you can taste a variety of Thai street food for prices as cheap as nothing.

chinatown in thailand

Above all, apart from the many offerings by Thailand, the most intriguing of all has to be the grand Thai hospitality. Thai people are known to be one of the friendliest in the world. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find the locals going out of their way to help the tourists. If not the main attractions of the city, the warmth and hospitable nature of the locals will surely compel you to visit again.

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