The Sri Lankan Sea Speaks To You

E.Cummings said, “… it’s always our self we find in the sea.” That must be the reason everyone chooses to go to the sea for a break – from life, work, and everything that tire them out. When you are in Sri Lanka, the blue of the sea will calm you and speak to you in a language only you understand. And it speaks a different language with everyone who goes to it. Besides that, the view of the sea in Sri Lanka is truly a view to behold and an experience to cherish.

A sea of joy

The music of the waves and the rhythm of the sand beneath your feet and the cool sea breeze caressing your face – just that thought brings joy and a sense of relief. You come home from the ocean with a happiness that can’t be explained – but it will be visible in the tan of your skin, and the broad infectious smile on your face.  And it’ll make you want to keep going back to the sea for more.

a beach in sri lanka


No one can get enough of the sea, and you can never pick one that you’ll like more than the others. But the coast of the Indian Ocean that lies in Sri Lanka has a charm of its own. It’s coast is vast and most of the resorts there face the ocean. The ocean is beautiful but this particular coast is wild – with each wave having a life of its own. This also makes swimming in the ocean impossible.

Explore Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka as a place has so many places to explore – it is famous for its forts, churches, monuments, statues, etc. It’s also known for its spices. At a spice garden, you will encounter smells of cinnamon, pepper and any other spice you can think of – the aroma will stay with you even after you leave the garden.

buddha statue

A sea to remember

But everywhere you go in Sri Lanka, the sea will always be with you. Its sound and smell follows you and guides you like a friend. It feels all too familar and it will always make you want to go back. While you can indulge in the common touristy things, come evening, make sure you return to the sea. And when you’re there, watch the sun’s light play with the water before it bids adieu for the night. When you see the sun submerge into the sea, you’ll feel tons lighter and more content than you’ve ever been.

Sri Lankan sunsets

The sea will remind you of the beauty and the calm of sunsets. And you’ll feel the need to admire it more often. This realisation could have happened anywhere and any day but the serenity of Sri Lanka coupled with its sea and beaches is entirely something else. And while you are in exactly that moment, taking in the impressive sights, you’ll know what sets it apart from the rest.

sunset over the sri lanka sea

Realisations can be as small as these. So that’s what your conversation with the sea can be about – the setting sun and how its beauty moves you. Its time to go build your story in Sri Lanka and be friends with its sea. Book your next holiday in some of Sri Lanka’s best, starting from KK BeachKahanda Kanda in Galle, to the Mövenpick Hotel in Colombo.

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