Rajasthan: Beckoning The Traveller In You

Welcome to royal Rajasthan– where you’ll find the most intriguing things to do and the most colourful places to visit.

Known as the land of the kings, the cities here are painted in dazzling blues, pinks and golds and holds uncountable stories of glorious legends and gripping narratives. It is India’s largest state and one of the most vibrant too.

Rajasthan is not just home to some of the finest warriors in the history of India, it has also witnessed the reign of great queens as well. In fact, valour runs in the veins of every Rajasthani soul. Enter the royal land of Rajasthan, with greetings of Khamma Gani and Padharo Sa!

History, Art & Culture

hawa mahal in jaipur, rajasthan

Apart from the historic forts, lakes, palaces and temples, Rajasthan is also known worldwide for its handicrafts, Jodhpuri juttis, metal works and jewellery. To experience Rajasthans true essence, a visit to the local markets and the monuments is a must. From markets like Bapu Bazaar, Hathipole Bazaar, Nai Sadak and Sadar Bazar to the majestic hill-forts, every corner of the state echoes its rich history and culture.

local market in Rajasthan

A royal feast

Another entrancing segment to never miss while in Rajasthan is the drool-worthy and versatile food. A trip to Rajasthan is incomplete if you fail to try the Rajasthani cuisine which offers a wide variety of food.

With every bite you take, you will taste the locally sourced produce. The war-prone lifestyle of the region in the old times and the scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables has an influence over Rajasthani food. Food items that could survive days and would not need reheating were preferred. Rajasthan is also the state with the highest vegetarian population in India with over 70% of the population being vegetarians.


But with the influence of the Rajputana,  you can also find varieties in non-vegetarian cuisine here. Laal Maas, Safed Maas, Jungli Maas, Khaad Khargos and Game Meat are some of the few.

Rajasthan’s sweets and snacks need no introduction. They are quite popular, and not only in the country but globally as well. When in Rajasthan, do not fail to try the Ghewar, Baalushahi, Besan Chakki, Gujia and Dil Khushhal. Unlike everywhere else, sweet dishes are never addressed as desserts in Rajasthan. This is because, in Rajasthanis serve sweets before, after and even during the meal. Shahi Gatte, Kadhi, Bajre ki Roti, Daal Baati are a few other authentic Rajasthani must-trys.

work of art in architecture found in rajasthan


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Picture perfect

If you have a knack for documenting your travel experiences and sharing it with the world, Rajasthan is your place! With magnificent views, scenic landscapes for photography and legends & stories for storytelling. A trip to Rajasthan is worth every penny if you are looking for a vibrant getaway.  Whether you are a narrator, a photographer, a chef or a collector, it has something for everyone. Its ancient tales, picture-perfect settings, age-old cuisines and shopping stops fascinate every traveller, without fail.

Are you looking to visit lesser-known places to unfold the stories behind the colourful state, its remarkable architecture and its beauty? Ranthambore, Bikaner, Dausa, Dholpur, Tonk, Karauli, Hanumangarh, Bhilwara, Sriganganagar, Shekhawati, Baran, Pali, Barmer and Jalore are all testaments to these. Other much loved cities are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer – where the forts still stand alive, Udaipur – the city of lakes, Jhalawar – the city of bells and temples, Bundi – the city of step-wells, Chittorgarh – the land of India’s most beautiful fort, Bikaner, Pushkar, Sawai Madhopur, Bharatpur and Kota.

At every turn, you’ll come across stories about the bravery of the kings, the grit of the queens and the loyalty of the people that made Rajasthan what it is today. Preserving the rich culture and heritage with great pride, everyone at Rajasthan welcomes guests wholeheartedly, with joined hands and a warm “Padharo Sa”. And that is an invite worth accepting!

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